ECP Ecological cycle purification:

By the plants, matrices, microorganisms, water cycle, the wind field cycle build a system, through the physical and biological function combined with the wind and water cycle to create
healthy air, innovative technology to improve the indoor environment

Ecological cycle purification Schematic:

The technology through plant adsorption, matrix adsorption, microbial decomposition, water cycle fixed (adsorption), the wind field cycle to achieve the purification of solid in the air Pollutants (PM2.5) and gaseous pollutants (HCHO). The plant photosynthesis (photoelectric effect), transpiration can release oxygen, etc., Produce negative ions, fog-free humidification, micro-environmental balance adjustment, to provide livable living space

Core advantages: 24-hour purification, 10 times net plant energy, continuous addition to aldehyde, energy saving