Create a healthy, natural, beautiful office space

Innovative ecological recycling purification technology, a comprehensive solution to indoor six major environmental issues

  • Physical pollution

  • chemical pollution

  • Biological contamination

  • Indoor hypoxia

  • Humidity imbalance

  • Less negative ions

Healthy air, office powered

Import filter to quickly remove PM2.5 and other particles 24-hour continuous purification of formaldehyde and other harmful gases

Natural oxygen release negative ions, ease the fatigue of the office environment

Plants release oxygen through photosynthesis, alleviating the fatigue caused by the lack of oxygen in closed office environments. Through transpiration, plants can release water vapor and achieve fog-free humidification. Can release 4210 / cm³ negative ions, can be added to the indoor negative ions, creating a natural freshness like Mu. For the office crowd to bring a healthy, fresh work environment.

Create a green smart home health

Through the intelligent conservation system to achieve automatic irrigation of plants, automatic air supply, plant suitable for creating suitable conditions for growth, eliminating the need to worry about your conservation

Image design, exclusive to create

Customization to create customized corporate image; landscaping office space garden-style office space

User-friendly design more caring

Every detail, for convenience

Applicable places

Offices, schools, shopping malls, banks, hospitals, gyms

  • Offices

  • schools

  • shopping

  • banks

  • hospitals

  • gyms

Application scenario

  • Offices

  • shopping

  • living room

  • meeting room

  • rest area

  • Pantry

With smart APP


One-touch intelligent control of real-time control

Basic parameters

Basic parameters 21-36㎡ Power consumption 0.65
Noise ≤65(DB) Origin China Mainland

urification parameters

Particulate CADR 300 M³/H Formaldehyde CADR 150 M³/H
Particulate matter CCM P4 Formaldehyde CCM F4
Particle purification energy efficiency Qualified level Gas pollutants purification energy efficiency Qualified level

Function parameter

Control method Fully automatic operation/APP remote control
Operating mode Automatic operation mode, sleep mode
Display method Visual touch capacitive screen
Display Data PM2.5 concentration, time, temperature, odor, filter life
WIFI connection support
The main function In addition to PM2.5, in addition to formaldehyde, net smoke, sterilization, oxygen, humidification
Other functions Negative ions, reduce carbon dioxide concentration, automatic irrigation, automatic air supply
Fault tips support
Water shortage alarm support
Wind gear Automatic, 1 file, 2 files, 3 files, sleep file

Other parameters

Tank capacity 24L Accessories Fixed tripod 1
The number of plants 36 strains Packing list Certificate, manual, warranty card


Product number PAC3011
Rated power 85W
Product Size 540*295*1830MM
Product weight 23Kg(Empty machine)、33Kg(With plants)
Move the caster support
Rated voltage 220V
Filter type Initial efficiency filter, medical HEPA13 filter, activated carbon filter
body color Pearl white      Space silver
Filter life 6-12 months
Other features No secondary pollution, energy saving
product type With number With plants