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Strength background

A subsidiary of the National Top 500 Enterprise Shield Group, with advanced domestic purification technology and plant cultivation advanced system.

Industry hot spots

In the next 5 years, IKON forecast that the annual net growth rate of 30% will reach more than 50 billion yuan a year, which is only the market size brought by smog.

Blue Ocean products

Morihiro intelligent plant purifier innovative application of "eco-purification cycle system" to break the current empty net technology products and short-board, to achieve continuous purification of various types of indoor pollution.

Full market support

  • 1 sales supportProvide sales guidance, big customer negotiation support.
  • 2 training supportProfessional product training, after-sales training, maintenance training, installation training.
  • 3 market supportAssist dealers to carry out market research, resource planning, channel development.
  • 4 service supportOfficial customer service hotline, the official service number online customer service and other multi-channel service.
  • 5 promotion supportAssist the dealer in planning local activities, promotion strategies, material production and so on.
  • 6 brand supportThe whole network to promote, news, exhibitions, advertising and other all-round brand promotion.
  • 7 technical supportAssist dealers to complete product maintenance, fault response.

Grow together, win-win future

Exclusive prefecture-level city area

One to one business, exclusive to enjoy the regional market space, no competitive pressure.

O2O Operations Support

Online promotion drainage, offline transaction service.

Market protection

Strict channels and price protection to ensure the interests of distributors, away from the vicious competition.

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After the first experience of cooperation 0 risk, stock 0 inventory after sales, only the profit is not Yahuo 0 tasks